Advisory Board Memer

Organizing by Hubbard DigitalOur management team is qualified and able to fill advisory roles when the need arises. In these capacities, we work alongside company directors to set fiscal and operating standards. As a member of your advisory board, we assist in ensuring that all goals are met while reducing the expense and formality associated with a traditional board member.

Interim CIO

Is your business in need of innovative leadership? An experienced associate from our management team is ready to serve as your Technology or Information Officer. With backgrounds in business and applied sciences, we bring proven strategies to your executive table. Let us assist you in achieving your technological goals.

Procurement Specialist

As your Electronic Procurement Specialist, we guarantee procurement in the every sense of the word. Strategic sourcing, contract negotiating, and bid tendering are just a few practices we apply in bulk purchases. We provide corporate and governmental procurement for repeated-purchasing, partnerships, and co-destiny suppliers.

Project Manager

Do you need a Project Manager to plan, organize, and manage existing resources? Whether your company is constrained by date, funding, or deliverability, we can exceed your goals and initiatives. We have practical experience in IT project and program management, implementing distinct strategies for both systems.

Intelletual Capital (ICAP) Specialist

Your library of Intellectual Capital is comprised of elements that cannot always be expressed monetarily. Staff knowledge, brand reputation, and consumer behavior are just a few of those elements. One of our skilled associates will optimize your non-financial assets by capturing “best-of-class” and reusable content. An optimized, intellectual capital library is a secret weapon; it gives you an undisputed edge when competing in a global economy.

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