Holdings by Hubbard DigitalA merger or acquisition may be vital to your successs or ability to compete. In some cases, we assume all risks associated with the technical aspects of various businesses. Whether you are selling, dividing, combining, or restructuring, our staff of knowledgeable experts are ready to assist. The ultimate economic outcome is to stimulate growth in your sector without the risk or hassle of establishing a subsidiary or child entity.

Venture Capitalist

Whether preparing for acquisition or launching a new initiative, the task can be daunting. An experienced Venture Capitalist has the market intelligence and wits to bring it all together. We are ready to invest in budding and/or promising ventures. We can serve as a liaison between executives and potential investors, or assist in gaining access to public funding.

Executive Producer

Technological inventions—in the form of gaming, mobile applications (apps), and visual effects—account for an industry nearly twice the size of movies and film. Whether a burgeoning developer, or film maker relying heavily on visual effects, your idea may align perfectly with our mission to promote aesthetic and technological advancements in the U.S. and beyond. Use our free quote form (which includes a non-disclosure / non-compete form for your protecton), to determine a possible partnership with our company.

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