Brand Specialist

Engineering by Hubbard DigitalBecause your brand is essential to your recognition (and remembrance) in the collective mind of consumers, it’s development should be taken with great care. Whether revamping your brand or starting from scratch, we are ready to help. Our associates are experienced in marketing across multiple business sectors while ensuring a cohesive presentation, both inside and out.

Multimedia Specialist

Our experienced design team is versed in the latest trends. We produce cutting-edge graphics and multimedia in support of brands, solution demos, and advertisements. But more importantly, our production is modular and capable of being reused (see our Intellectual Capital services). Our production fits perfectly in your existing content library and makes it easy to recreate sales and profitable contracts.

Software Developer

Not only does software programming require exact detail, its arguably the most important ingredient in your technical success. Our associates approach this task through close collaboration with your company, which involves logical thinking, clear expression, and problem solving. Our software development services are centered around your business needs, and we guarantee rewarding results.


Our Webmaster services can include, without limitation to, Advanced Web and Application Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, monetizing through Contextual Advertising, and unique content creation (both literary and visual). Our goal is to establish an efficient Internet presence for your business, while keeping you in good standing with major search engines and Section 508 technology laws.

Forensics and Security Specialist

Security is a growing demand in the world of Information Technology—most notably in the sectors of cyber crime and investigation. Whether you’re seeking to protect your technical infrastructure, or establish evidence in a computer-related crime case, our associates can help. Our services include, without limitation to, file system recovery, evidence compilation, and error-handling of corporate repercussions.

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