Strategic Planning for the Small Business

Published on Sunday, February 14, 2010 by Thomas Hubbard  |  Blog  

In every business, large and small, strategic planning is necessary to help business owners find their way, keep businesses alive, and make progress toward physical and/or financial growth. Unfortunately, many business owners do not have a firm grasp on the art of strategic planning, and many times the plans they implement fail or fade away before they can ever come to fruition.

Hubbard Digital assists small business clients in practicing effective strategic planning by outlining and following a Six-Point Plan:
  • Point One – Hubbard Digital helps small businesses to define their purpose, and to summarize the steps it will take to make that purpose happen.
  • Point Two – Hubbard Digital helps small business to identify their needs, and whether those needs are real or imagined. All “real” needs are then explored, with summary steps that must be taken to fulfill or complete each need.
  • Point Three – In addition to purpose and needs, Hubbard Digital helps its clients to identify and list the company’s key objectives, which may be completely different from a company’s need or purpose.
  • Point Four – Hubbard Digital helps small businesses determine how they will measure individual and combined accountability within the company, and what software or procedure might best help this accountability be realized more seamlessly.
  • Point Five – Taking the above information into consideration, Hubbard Digital will assist small businesses in compiling a plan of action, and determining the feasibility of each component of the plan.
  • Point Six – Hubbard Digital will help small businesses take a look at “the big picture” to see what it will take for each business to get from “Point A” to “Point B.”

At each step, Hubbard Digital addresses the client’s questions and/or concerns and customizes the plan based on each.

By taking a personal, hands-on approach with each client, Hubbard Digital hopes to help craft a fast and effective plan that will help even the smallest business to make great strides in business.

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