An “Out-of-the-Box” Perspective

Published on Sunday, February 14, 2010 by Thomas Hubbard  |  Blog  

Not long ago, a “by-the-book” or “by-the-boilerplate” business approach was the norm for starting or re-vamping a business. But this is the technology age, and suddenly the world is at our fingertips. The world is shrinking, too, so much so that it is no longer a vast landscape of endless possibilities. As the playing field has leveled, individuals—not businesses—have become the new power houses.

With this ever-changing landscape as a backdrop, Hubbard Digital is poised to act not just as an IT company, but as a consultant to individuals and businesses bombarded with shape-shifting technology and the possibilities they offer.

Hubbard Digital understands that some companies and the individuals who head them simply cannot come up with creative marketing solutions on their own, so Hubbard Digital is poised to offer coaching in Social Media, Small Business software solutions, Micro-Entrepreneurism and community networking, customized for each individual business.

This coaching will be comprised of a simple multi-step plan to help businesses focus on their core products, perfect their business pitch, map their business path, identify and obtain their marketing tools, and implement and execute their growth plans.

Schedule a Skype or Live Chat consultation, tell us your thoughts, and Hubbard Digital will help your business develop the right plan for you.

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An “Out-of-the-Box” Perspective
Published by Thomas Hubbard